The High-Performance Quantum Air Tile for the Data Center has been designed to improve the airflow delivery to IT equipment in the data center environment. By improving the way airflow is delivered it keeps IT equipment cooler, often extending its life, and can lead to energy cooling cost savings through being able to raise CRAC unit set points.
The Quantum Air Tile is available in a standard U.S. floor tile size with an anodized finish, with each Quantum Air Tile able to supply airflow to up to two standard enclosures, so providing a cost effective solution.
The Quantum Air Tile offers vented and directional controls that are designed to route the conditioned cold air supply to the targeted enclosures without the dependency of integrated equipment fans or cabinet fan systems to draw the airflow into the rack.
The passive solution provided by the Quantum Air Tile gives exceptional thermal results that are superior to the test results found with conventional perforated floor tiles.

Quantum Air Tile

SKU: 0014
    • Developed to change the conventional perforated tile delivery system of air from a straigh-up ‘plume’ type to directing the air to the face of a server/equipment racks.
    • Tile Dimensions: 24” x 24”
    • Shipping Weight: 32 lbs.
    • Construction: Extruded aluminum with anodized clear finish
    • The Quantum Air Tile directs over 90% of the produced airflow to the face of equipment racks.
    • The Quantum Air Tile produces a constant passive result bringing energy costs down and server cooling up.