MPHC1112: 30A; L6-30P input plug; (18)C13 + (6)C19 outlets

MPH2™ is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental input options, with multiple power input selections and output configurations, allowing data center power control to the receptacle level, as well as monitoring of the strip and environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity. MPH2 offers the industry's leading operating temperatures, ensuring availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack.

It is available in the following versions:

Outlet Level Metered and Switched
Outlet Level Metered
Rack PDU Metered and Outlet Switched
Rack PDU Metered


    • Onboard display
    • Managed rack-installed power strip
    • Monitors at branch level
    • SN Sensors
    • Controls at equipment level
    • Offers single-phase and three-phase models

    Designed for High Availability

    • Designed specifically to accommodate higher power densities and be resistant to higher temperatures.
    • Easily upgradable to minimize downtime and carry manufacturer-provided support to ensure your own SLAs.
    • Easily integrate with existing network and security architectures, as well as higher level management software – allowing you to operate at peak velocity.

    Designed to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Capacity Management

    • Energy and power metering provides users the information to maximize the data center power and cooling infrastructure.
    • Integration into Smart Solutions.
    • Modular hot swappable controller card – separates power distribution and communications, enabling continuous distribution when a communications module fails or is replaced.

    Designed to Improve Business Resiliency and Agility:

    • Allows you to predict failing conditions before they occur and proactively manage connected equipment for maximum uptime.
    • Power and environmental trend reports through integration with Avocent® Rack Power Manager, Liebert Nform™ and the Trellis™ platform – improved monitoring, control, and reporting of trends.
    • Seamless integration within federal government and enterprise networks.

    Designed to Reduce Deployment Time and Expenses:

    • Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter.
    • Provides full featured monitoring and control in a cost effective package.
    • A Rack PDU Array™ shares a single IP address for up to four rack PDUs, making deployment faster and easier.
    • Ability to be preinstalled in Emerson Network Power rack solutions – save time and money on deployment.