15U swing-out wall mount rack with Glass front door

3130SOWM - 15U

$580.00 Regular Price
$464.00Sale Price
  • Our Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets are designed to solve the everyday problems technicians have while installing and managing the immense amount of cabling that is all-too-common with datacom and telecom equipment. Glass, solid, and vented doors are available for all Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets. The glass door allows you to monitor your network system; the solid door helps secure and conceal your network equipment while preventing dust and debris from settling on your equipment; and the vented door provides air flow and ventilation for your system. Don’t work around the rack…get a rack that works around you!


    • Includes one locking door

    • Locking side panels

    • 150 lb. weight capacity

    • One set of cage nut style mounting rails

    • 90 degree swing-out

    • Mounting depth: 22.5"

    • 19" EIA 310-D compliant

    • Made in the USA

    • 5-Year Limited Warranty

    Economical Design - Smartly engineered to include all the features you would expect, at a competitive price point, and with the quality that comes with American manufacturing.

    90-Degree Swing-Out - Lockable enclosure can be swung out 90 degrees from the back frame allowing access to the rear of installed equipment. This capability provides additional space and accessibility for terminating, installing, and managing cables.

    Numerous Laser Knockouts - Strategically placed laser knockouts provide a plethora of locations to feed copper or fiber optic cabling into the cabinet, or to install an optional fan kit for temperature control.

    Adjustable Rails - The included set of cage nut style rails fully adjust in 1" increments to accommodate the various depths of equipment on the market. Additional rails are available for devices that require 4-point mounting.

    Removable Side Panels - Easy to remove side panels provide more access for growing or changing cabling schemes, as well as offer viewing and accessibility to your equipment.

    Reversible Door - All door styles are reversible to accommodate your particular installation.

    23.5"W x 25.99"D x 29.38"H