Power Distribution (PDU)

Basic Rack PDU

- Flexibility with multiple confi gurations and input power options: single or three phase power via a single plug connection.

- Critical rack space operating temperature—up to 55˚C / 131˚F to support hot Internal rack environments

- Simple and quick installation. Available in vertical zero U and rackmount form factors

MPH2™ Managed Rack PDU

- Single and Three phase models available to control and manage individual receptacles and/or groups of loads and devices in the following versions:

1. Rack PDU Metered

2. Rack PDU Metered/Outlet Switched

3. Outlet Level Metered

4. Outlet Level Metered/Switched

- Industry leading operating temperature - 60˚C / 140˚F to support hot Internal rack environments

- Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter

- Up to four MPH2 rack PDUs may be interconnected as a Rack PDU Array™, consolidating user IP connections and device monitoring

- Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current for assured oversight

- Bi-stable relays ensure basic power distribution in the event that intelligence is compromised

- Remote management available through web interface of the rack PDU, Avocent Rack Power Manager, Avocent DSView™, and Liebert Nform™

- Integration with Avocent ACS and MergePoint Unity for remote out of band access

MPX™ Adaptive Rack PDU

- Scalable input Power Capacity – Single & 3 phase; 120V/208V/208V 3-ph/415V models

- Hot swappable Branch Receptacle Modules with branch monitoring OR receptacle level monitoring and control

- Daisy chainable with other Liebert MPH / Liebert MPX units and support for environmental monitors as well as local display module

- 55°C / 131°F temperature rating and +/- 1% metering accuracy

- Remote management capability through onboard web interface, Avocent Rack Power Manager, Avocent DSView and Liebert Nform™

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