About Us

Legacy Designs is one of those extraordinary enterprises doing big things. How? By actually delivering  top-tier service, sales and support to clients around the world. And yes, service does come first ...and it stays that way long after the sale. When you build your business on a foundation of being responsive, resourceful and reliable, you become more to your clients than just another sales organization ...you become a trusted ally and partner.


Perhaps it's the high altitude, endless blue skies and majestic Rocky Mountains that inspire  this attitude of service. The fact is we've earned our great reputation and even greater clients by offering  quality products from trusted manufactures at highly competitive prices.


We'll be the first to tell you that the relationships we've formed with our clients is a significant aspect of our business, but more important is the characteristic type of client we serve. Our clients are those seeking a partner, someone who'll work with them in perfecting a solution; someone who sees the big picture, not just a sale. They're open to new ideas and trust us in seeking out innovation. They understand we're as clever as we are practical and won't just spin our wheels out of professional respect.  If this sounds anything like you, then it's likely we'd be a good fit for working together and would invite you to start the conversation.

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